खेल और क्रीड़ा

Information for session 2016-17 session coming soon!!!!

खेल और क्रीड़ा प्राथमिक अनुभाग के (अधिवेशन 2016-17)


  1. As the saying goes “sound mind in sound body” the vidyalaya plans different sports activity at vidyalaya level. In the month of November 2016 annual sports meet will be conducted at vidyalaya level for the primary and secondary as per the system of KVS.

All the students will participate in each every game event as per the schedule.

  1. Achievements:

(a). Regional level vidyalaya cricket team under-16 got IIIrd position (Bronze Medel.)

(b). As well as vidyalaya  Kabaddi, Chess ,Rope Skipping, Table Tennis ,Badminton , Taekwondo and Kho-Kho team also participated at regional level sports meet.

(c) 70 students were participated in Regional sports meet.

(d) National Level – Ten(10)student are selected for National Level competition for various events under Tinsukia Region.

  1. 3. National level Selected Students:

Cricket (U-16):

  1. Kunal Kashyap Chutia
  2. Jin Shankar Das
  3. Moon Baglary
  4. Gaurango Bhuyan ( Stand-by)

Cricket (U-19):

  1. Pranjal Bharali
  2. Arun Jyoti Deori

Badminton (U-14) Girls:

  1. Ankita Gogoi

Kho-Kho (U-19) Girls:

  1. Bhayrabi Bhuyan


  1. Bidyut Patir

Table Tennis:

  1. Monimugdha Chaliha.