In response to KVS (HQ) letter No. F. 28-69/2007-KVS(Acad) dated 04.01.2008 the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) was implemented in all Kendriya Vidyalayas, North Lakhimpur for qualitative improvement of the Primary Education.

S.N. Initiative (Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative) Class and subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation
1 Photocopier I-V
All Subjects
To photocopy the worksheets, any important picture or information based on the topic. Realised Mr. Ramandeep, PRT
2 L.C.D.Projector I-V
All Subjects
To show the collected information from the net for making the class room teaching effective and impart moral education through CD’s, DVD’s etc. Realised Mr. Satender, PRT
3 Broadband Connection I-V
All Subjects
Through this more information is collected to give maximum knowledge to the students. Realised Mr. Satender, PRT
4 Whiteboard with Markers I-V
All Subjects
To explain the concept more clearly by drawing figures diagrams etc and also for keeping Audio Visual Aids such as Computer Safe. Realised Mr. Ramandeep, PRT
5 Monthly Meeting for PRT’s I-V
All Subjects
To discuss the problems or issues with the teaching learning process, for overall development of the school to make the teaching learning process more effective, fruitful and meaningful and also for the academic development of the teachers. Realised Mr. Satender, PRT
6 Resource Room and Activity Room I-V
All Subjects
To provide an atmosphere both to the teachers and Students for performing any activity or doing any creative work.
To keep teaching learning material safely and making them easily available whenever required.
Realised Mr. Satender, PRT
7 Children Film I-V
All Subjects
To develop moral value among children, to improve listening and speaking skill and motivating them to develop positive attitude of life. Realised Mr. Satender, PRT
8 Educational Excursion I-V
All Subjects
To collect more facts and information, gaining knowledge by getting a closer view of the particular sight such as historical, botanical or Zoological. Realised Mr. Ramndeep, PRT
9 Class Library Books I-V
All Subjects
To develop the reading habit among the learners. Realised Mr. Satender, PRT
10 Block Period in Time Table I-V
All Subjects
To give sufficient time for performing an activity or any creative work. Realised Mr.Satender, PRT
11 Medical Checkup I-V
All Subjects
To develop awareness about the personal hygiene and to know about the disease if any Realised Mr. Ramandeep, PRT
12 Calender of Activities I-V
All Subjects
For Proper planning to organize different activities, related to mental and physical development of the children. Realised Mr.Satender, PRT
13 Publication of Newsletter I-V
All Subjects
To give the children an opportunity to express their views and ideas and to show their hidden talents. Realised Mr. Satender, PRT
14 Celebration I-V
All Subjects
To celebrate the children most favourite leader’s birthday and a means of showing, love, affection and respect to their grandparents. Realised Mr. Ramandeep, PRT
15 Cluster Level Meeting I-V
All Subject
To share different views and ideas for the betterment of the School. Realised Mr. Satender, PRT
16 Vidyalaya level workshop To share and to get knowledge of current issues to all teachers Realised Mr. Satender, PRT

* CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on 09.07. 2016 )