List of Committees for 2016-17



1 Admission Mr. Kamel Nayan Singh,PGT(Hindi)
  1. Mr. Jagmohan Meena,TGT(Lib.)
  2. Ms. Riku Sahu,PRT
To Scrutinize the registration forms for admission and carry out the process as per the Admission guidelines 2016-17 in consultation with the Principal
2 Exam(Internal)
  • Secondary

Mr. Anuj Kumar, TGT (Sans.)


(B) Primary

Mr. Satendra,



  1. Mr. Shiv Kumar Verma,TGT(Maths)
  2. Ms. Priyanka Barman,PGT(Chem)



  1. Mr. Mane Yogesh Balasaheb,PRT
  2. Ms. Rashmirekha Goswami,PRT
 .To Plan the schedule of Unit test, Cumulative Examination, Pre-Board and Annual Examination as per the calendar of activities.

  • To Ensure the evaluation of Internal Assessment and grading of Scholastic & co-scholastic subjects as per the instructions of CBSE/KVS.
  • To Give suitable instructions to class teachers for maintaining all the relevant records.
3 C B S E Mr. Amit Kumar Tiwari,TGT(WE) 1.Mr. Abhishek Kumar,PGT(Comp.)

  1. Mr. Wasudew Hardha,TGT(A & E)
  2. Ms. Rehana Sultana,PGT(His.)


To Conduct Board Exam as per CBSE guidelines and also to give suitable instructions for carrying out Internal Assessment and maintain records. 
4 Time Table (A) PrimaryMr. Satendra,PRT
  1. Mr. Pawar Sandeep Rajendra,PRT
  2. Ms. Riku Sahu,PRT
  • To Prepare & execute time table as per the norms.
  • To Make necessary adjustments in the time table due to administrative exigencies.


5 Time  Table (A) SecondaryMr. Satpal,




  1. Ms. Rani   Saikia,PGT(Phy.)
  2. Mr Shiv Kumar, TGT(Maths)


  • To Prepare & execute time table as per the norms.
  • To Make necessary adjustments in the time table due to administrative exigencies.
6 Substitution & Arrangement (A) Secondary 

  1. Mr. Satpal,


  1. Mr. Shiv Kumar,




  • Primary

Mr Satendra, PRT



To Prepare day to day substitution with precision and care to ensure effective engagement of the classes to avoid unwanted movement of the students.






Morning Assembly

CCA IC(Secondary) 

  1. Mr. Kamal Nayan Singh,PGT(Hindi)


CCA IC(Primary)


  1. Ms. Riku Sahu,



  1. Mr. Sandip Maheto,


  1. Ms. R B Sahariya, PRT (Music)

All the House Masters with their Associate Teachers

Head Boy

Head Girl

House Captain Boys

House Captain Girls

  • To Organize Inter House competitions effectively and to celebrate all the days of National Importance / Occasions with the assistance of House Masters and other experts in a planned manner.
  • To Activate the conduct of morning assembly.
  • To Monitor day to day morning assembly programme effectively and ensure befitting presentation on all fronts on time.
8  Grievance & RTI cell Mr. B S Srivastava,PGT(Comm.)
  1. Mr. Kamal Nayan,PGT(Hindi)
  2. Mr. Sanjeev,LDC


. Dealing with the grievances of teachers and students once a fortnight. Maintenance of register with proper records.. To Attend to all discipline cases in the school.. To Reply to all RTI and RTE related information.
9 Student Council
  1. Mr. B S Srivastava,PGT(Comm)
  1. Mr. Satapal,PGT(Maths)


All the House Masters . To Select SPL, House captains and other members of the council for carrying out their usual work in consultation with the Principal, to implement pass system. .Systematic/orderly movement of students for assembly checking of late comers.
10 External Competitions Mathematics OlympiadsCyber  Olympiad 1.Mr. Satpal,TGT(Maths) I/C

  1. Mr. Shiv Kumar,TGT(Maths)


To Coordinate all external competitions relevant to our system.
Green Olympiad &Science relatedCompetitions
  1. PGT (Bio)

2.Ms. Sangita Saikia,TGT(Bio.)

Social Science related
  1. Pankaj Kumar,

TGT(Eng.) I/C

  1. Ms Rahana Sultana,PGT(His.)
Art Competition 

Miscellaneous- nature

  1. Mr. Wasudew Hardha,TGT(Art)


  1. Mr. Amit Kr. Tiwari,TGT(WE)


























Mr. B S Srivastava,PGT(Comm.)











  1. Ms. R B Sahariya


  • Mr. Satendra,


  • Ms. R B Sahariya,









  1. Mr. Pawar Sandeep Rajendra,PRT
  2. Mr. Paresh Baruah,Yoga Teacher
  3. Mr. Lal Bahadur Prajapati,PRT


. To Scrutinize the requisition falling under particular Head under the Annual Budget of the Vidyalaya for the current session. .To Follow the Purchase procedure as per KVS directions.  To send the Comparative Statement for the approval of VMC. 


. To Ensure all furniture bear serial

numbers and the year of purchase

. To Ensure the adequacy and suitability of furniture in all the class rooms and departments, including repair of furniture as per the rules.

13 I C T
  1. Mr. Abhishek Kumar, PGT(Comp)
1.Mr.Amit Tiwari ,TGT(WE)

  1. Mr. Arif Ahmed,

Contractual Computer


.To Ensure all the labs in working condition with the broadband / Land connectivity for carrying out Computer Literacy classes and effectively with the assistance of computer instructors and to submit monthly updates to the office.
14 First Aid
  1. Mr. Sandip mahto, TGT (PET)

2.Mrs. R B Sahariya,

PRT( Music)

  1. Mr. Satendra,PRT
  Respective Class     Teachers .To Provide first aid to students in case of Emergency.
15 Audio-Visual Aids
  1. Mr. Amit Kr. Tiwari,TGT(WE)


    1.Mr. Mane Yogesh     Balasaheb,PRT

  1. Mr. Arif Ahmed,Contractual Computer Instructors
A.V. Room to be well equipped with workable LCD, OHP etc. for ensuring TAL/CAL is undertaken by the teachers by maintaining a Register in the A.V.Room
16 Academic  Incharge Mr. B S Srivastav,PGT(Comm.) 1.Mr. Satpal,PGT(Maths)

  1. Ms. Rehana Sultana,PGT(Hist.)
. To Maintain record of all activities related to academics.. To Distribute list of text  Books Note books, option forms and other details.. To Maintain minutes of academic meetings.

. To Organize and conduct Parent teacher meetings for all the classes.

. To Send the information to parents regarding academics

17 Management of water, sanitation,beautification and garden Mr. Wasudew hardha,TGT (Art)
  1. Mr. Sandip Mahto,


  1. Mr. Paresh Baruah,Yoga teacher
  2. Mr. Lal Bahadur Prajapati,PRT


Gardner Contractual


. To Monitor the work effectively and to offer technical expertise to improve gardening by providing all required materials from time to time and its Beautification Work.. To Ensure uninterrupted water supply in all the toilets and other places.

  • To Ensure periodical cleanliness of aqua guards with the display of date of cleaning on a separate Register.

To take care and maintain the beautification in all the areas of the Vidyalaya from time to time.

18 Excursion/ Field trips 1.Mr. Kamal Nayan Singh,PGT(Hindi) 1.Mr.Amit Kumar Tiwari,TGT(WE)

  1. Ms. Sangita Saikia,TGT(Bio.)
To Check out and implement Annual plan for outing of the students as per the code provisions in consultation with the  Principal

And Class Teachers

19 Newspaper in Education Mr. Jagmohan Meena ,(Lib.)   Library  CommitteeStudent’s  Readers Club To Develop the taste of extra reading among the students of Class VI to XI and to encourage the students to submit periodical reviews.






Vikas Nidhi


  1. Mr. B S Srivastava PGT ( Comm.)

2.Mr. Sanjeev, LDC


1.Mr. Satpal, PGT (Maths)

2.Mr. Satendra,PRT



To Prepare and  implement budget as per the KVS norms


21 Building and maintenance Monitoring committee Play Fields & Ground1.Mr. Sandip Maheto,TGT( P & HE)


House Keeping:

1.Mr. Wasudew Hardha,

TGT(A & E)

  1. Mr. Amit kumar Tiwari,TGT(WE)



  1. Mr. Paresh Baruah,Yoga Teacher

2.Mr. Lal Bahadur Prajapati,PRT

  1. Ms. Priyanka Barman,


4.Ms Fariza Yasmin,PRT

5.Ms Madumita,PRT






To Carry out maintenance & repair work of buildings including toilets, surroundings and play field.







22 Discipline Sec

  1. Mr. Kamal Nayan Singh,


  1. Mr. B S Srivastav,



  1. Mr. Satendra,PRT
  2. Mr. Maner Yogesh Balasaheb,PRT
  3. Mr. Ramandeep Singh,PRT
  4. Mr. Paresh Baruah,Yoga Teacher




To Ensure the congenial atmosphere by maintaining gentle movement of students and dealing the cases of indiscipline of students if any. A separate file is maintained.
23 HindiImplementation
  1. Mr. Kamal Nayan Singh,PGT( Hindi
  1. Mr. Anuj Kumar,

TGT (Sans.)

  1. Mr. Lal Bahadur Prajapati,PRT


To Conduct quarterly meetings of Rashtrabhasha and to submit quarterly reports to the Regional Office
24 PublicationOf Vidyalaya Patrika
  1. Mr. Kamal Nayan Singh,PGT( Hindi)




  1. Mr. Anuj Kumar,


2.Mr. Amit Kr. Tiwari,TGT(WE)


3.Mr. wasudew hardaha,TGT(A&E)

4.Ms Rani Saikia,PGT(Phy.)

In Charges of school magazine and any other issues related to publication.



25 CMP Meeting Mr. Satender,PRT
  1. Mr. mane yogesh Balasaheb,PRT
  2. Ms. Monika Chaudhary,PRT


 To Monitor Effectively taking into account each and every aspect of the guideline issued by KVS
26 Scouts & Guides Cubs & Bulbuls 1.Mr. Sandip Mahto,TGT(P & HE)
  1. Mr. Paresh Baruah,Yoga teacher
  2. Mr. Lal Bahadur Prajapati,PRT


To Enroll Scouts & Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls and to organize testing camps, troop meetings as per the Annual Schedule of activities prepared at unit level in light of APRO.
27 Shala darpan Management Committee Mr. Abhishek Kumar,PGT(CS)  1.Mr. Amit Kumar Tiwari,TGT(WE)2.Mr. Pankaj Kr.,TGT(Eng.)3.Ms. Arijita Dutta,counseler

4.Mr. Parag joyti saikia,PRT

Implement the shala darpan program effectively
28 Slow/ Bright Learners Programme 1.Mr. B S Srivastav,PGT(Comm.)

2.Mr. Satpal,


Concern  subject Teachers
  • To Collect the student profile for all classes from the class teachers on 01.08.2016
  • To Prepare suitable schedule for monitoring the programme in the first week of August 2016
29 NAEP & guidance and counseling PGT(BIO) 1.Ms Arijita,Counseller

  1. Ms. Riku Sahu,PRT
  • To Conduct programmes as per the guidelines given in the training
  • To Maintain & update display board and a corner to keep these activities ongoing for various programmes.
30 CS 54(Fees and fines checking) and Salary of staff Mr. Abhishek Kumar,PGT(Comp.) Mr. Amit Kumar Tiwari,TGT(WE) Data to be filled in the relevant records every month and submit to the office.
31 PTM Meetings
  1. Mr. B S Srivastav,


  1. Mr. Satender,


1 Mr. Kamal Nayan Singh,PGT(Hindi)2.Ms Riku Sahu,PRT

  1. Ms Fariza Yasmin,PRT
To Checkout Annual Plan of meetings and to maintain minutes and records of such meetings.
32 Library Mr. Jagmohan Meena, TGT(LIB)
  1. Mr. Pankaj Kumar,TGT(Eng.)
  2. Mr. Anuj Kumar,TGT(Sans.)
  3. Mr. Lal Bahadur Prajapati,PRT
  • To Procure text books and reference books recommended by CBSE as per the recommendation of faculty members.
  • To Organize class Library and to present book review.
  • To assist Primary wing in Library activities in light of CMP.
33 Games, Sports & Vocational Skills Mr. Sandip Mahto,TGT( P & HE)
  1. All Houses masters
  • To Practice yoga daily during the morning assembly to the students
  • Identify the talented students participating at the Cluster, Regional and National Level Games in the first week of April in order to give them special training by the coaches with her involvement and to maintain record.
34 UBI Online fee collection Mr. Abhishek Kr.,TGT(CS)
  1. Mr. Amit Kumar Tiwari,TGT(WE)
  2. Mr. Jagmohan,TGT(Lib.)
  3. Ms. Tulika,PGT(Geo.)
Fixing and announcement of dates for fee collections. Feeding of data to UBI Server. Preparation of Challans. Take up the modifications as and when required
35 Flag hoisting Mr.Sandip Mahto,TGT(P & HE) Mr. Pankaj Kumar,TGT(Eng.)Mr. Paresh,Yoga teacher Maintain the Protocol regarding flag hoisting as per KVS Rule.
36 House KeepingRegular Cleanliness & Security Mr. Wasudew hardhaTGT (Art) 


1.Mr. Sandip Mahto,TGT(P & HE)

  1. Ms. R B Sahariya,PRT(Music)

3.Mr. Paresh Baruah,Yoga Teacher

  1. Mr. Lal Bahadur Prajapati,PRT

5.Ms Fariza Yasmin,PRT

6..Ms Madumita,PRT



To Monitor the services of security and cleanliness in consultation with the agencies concerned
37 Teaching Aids Mr. Amit Kumar Tiwari,TGT(WE)
  1. Mr. Wasudew Hardaha,TGT(A & E)
  2. Ms. Rani saikia,PGT(Phy.)
  3. Ms. Tulika,PGT(Geo)
  • Proper maintenance of the teaching aids
  • Purchase of teaching aids as per the requirements of the new syllabus
  • To facilitate teachers using all the teaching aids in their class room teaching.
38 Adventure Activities Mr. Sandip Maheto,TGT(P & HE)
  1. Mr. Satender,PRT
  2. Mr. Paresh Baruah,Yoga teacher
To Accompany the students for the programmes identified by the KVS
39 Moderation Committee
  1. Mr. B S Srivastav,


  1. Mr. Satpal,

PGT( Maths)

  1. Mr. Satender,


  1. Mr. Pankaj Kumar,TGT(Eng.)
  2. Mr. Shiv Kumar ,TGT( Maths)
  3. Mr. Mane Yogesh Balasaheb,PRT
  4. Ms. Monika Chaudhary,PRT
  • To Scrutinize the question papers for the tests and examinations.
  • To Check answer scripts of UT/Exams at random to ensure uniformity
  • To Condone the shortage of attendance of students and moderate the marginal cases for promotion as per the promotion rules.














 Club Activities 


Integrity Club

1.Mr.Satpal,PGT(Maths)2.Mr. Pankaj Kumar,TGT(Eng.)

3.Mr. Satender,PRT


4.Mr. Sandip Mahto,TGT(P & HE)


  1. Ms .Fariza Yasmin,PRT
  2. Ms. Madhumita Bhowal,PRT
  3. Ms. Rashmirekha Goswami,PRT
. Make a club by collecting the names of the students who are interested in various activities.. Keep a record of number of students in the club.. Encourage them to make innovative projects.


. To Inculcate moral values among students by forming a club of students selected from classes VI to IX divided into six groups , each group representing two moral values.


41 Photography Mr.Pankaj Kumar,TGT(Eng.)  Ms. Fariza Yasmin,PRT . Proper use &maintenance of Vidyalaya Camera. Maintenance of Photo Alubum & CD’s

Systematic Display of related on Photographs in Visitors Area& Principal’s Office

. To Maintain Album covering all activities.

.  To Display all the coverage of all occasions.

42 P A System Mr. Amit Tiwari, TGT (WE) Mr. Parag,PRT To Arrange PA System for morning assembly and other programmes.
43 Subject coordinator Mr. B S Srivastav,PGT( Comm.) upto class –VIII Primary1.Mr. Satender,PRT -Maths2.Mr. Pawar Sandeep Rajendra,PR-Hindi

3.Ms Riku Sahu,PRT -EVS

4.Ms. Fariza Yasmin,PRT-English



1.Mr. Kamal Nayan Singh,PGT(Hindi)-Hindi



2.Mr. Satpal,


3.Mr. Pankaj Kumar,TGT(Eng.)-English

4.Ms Rani saikia,PGT(Physics)-Science

5.Ms Rehana Sultana,PGT(History)-Social Science

To Ensure the completion of syllabus as per splitupTo Ensure frequency and quality of  copy correctionTo Maintain record of all activities related to academics.

To Send the information to parents regarding academics








. To Ensure the completion of syllabus as per splitup

To Ensure frequency and quality of  copy correction

. To maintain record of all activities related to academics.

. To send the information to parents regarding academics


44 MOD Mr. Jagmohan Meena,Lib. Mr. Amit Kumar Tiwari,TGT(WE) .To Ensure and supervise MOD of vidyalaya
45 Display board CCA I/cMr. Kamal Nayan Singh,PGT(Hindi)  All House Masters .To Guide the students for proper selection of the material and decoration coupled with befitting display.
46 Alumni Association Mr. Jagmohan Meena,Lib.
  1. Mr. Amit Kr. Tiwari,TGT(WE)
  2. Ms. Sangita Saikia,TGT(Bio.)


.To Maintain records of alumini students in different fields..To Conduct their meeting and get the feed back.
47 Maths Lab Mr.Satpal,PGT(Maths) 1.Mr. Shiv Kr.,TGT(Maths)2.Ms. Madhumita Bhowal,PRT To Procure models and Teaching Aids as per the requirement of Classes VI to XII
48  Website management committee Mr. Abhishek Kumar, PGT (CS)
  1. Mr. Amit Kr. Tiwari,TGT(WE)
  2. Mr. Jagmohan Meena
  3. Ms. Tulika,PGT(Geo.)
Maintain and Administration of overall activity of website.
49 CCE Implementation Mr. Anuj Kumar,TGT(Sans.) 1.Mr. Shiv Kumar Verma,TGT(Maths)2.Ms. Priyanka Barman To Check the implementation and Evaluation as per the CCE Programme under different stages throughout the year.
50 Maintenance & Repair of Staff Quarter 1.Mr. B S Srivastav,PGT(Comm.)2.Mr.Amit Kr. Tiwari,


  1. Mr. Shiv Kumar Verma,TGT(Maths)
  2. Ms R B Sahariya,PRT(Music)


To Utilize the annual fund disbursed by KVS for the M&R purpose with the common consent of staff residing in staff Qtrs.



The above said committees shall come  into force w.e.f   August  01-2016.  Necessary handing/taking over has to be completed latest by  31-07-16


(Gajendra Joshi)